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Umrah Packages

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Umrah Packages

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Cheap Umrah Packages


Taking a trip to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah is a dream of every devoted Muslim. And when it comes with an excellent deal and cheapest Umrah flight, one wants to experience this exotic spiritual journey again and again. Cheap Umrah Travels takes the pride to offer an array of cheap Umrah packages catering a wide range of requirements. We are passionate about our work and while designing an Umrah package, our main focus is to cater the needs of our Muslim brothers and sisters. When customizing an Umrah package, we make sure that it specifically fits your budget and schedule. Have a look at our different Umrah deals. Being a UK based company; we take extra care of the preferences of pilgrims travelling from all corners of the United Kingdom. Our cheap Umrah packages from UK cover a variety of occasions, holidays and all the sacred months. Have a look:

Umrah Packages based on Preferred Months

February Umrah Packages:

Every year our first Umrah season starts in February when prices are comparatively cheaper. We have customized our February Umrah packages from London, Birmingham, and Manchester to Saudi Arabia. All our February Umrah packages include cheapest Umrah flights, relaxing accommodation and air conditioned transport services. If you are planning your pilgrimage in February, we welcome you to avail any of our budget friendly packages that goes well with your plan and needs.

Easter Umrah Packages:

Your Easter holidays are right there to make a strong connection with your creature. Grab this opportunity and make your way towards the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah by booking your cheap Umrah package from Birmingham, London or Manchester. We are best at designing tailor made Easter Umrah packages that you can choose after comparing in the market. No doubt it is the best time to plan your Umrah in the budget, however it is hot in Makkah during this Easter season so it would be better if you talk to our Easter Umrah experts about your comfort level.

Ramadan Umrah Packages:

Then comes the Ramadan Umrah package, specifically designed for those devotees who wait the whole long year for this blessed time to plan their pilgrimage. Ramadan special packages vary in the respect that some of the pilgrims want to stay there for the whole month, whereas others would like to book for either first or last ten days. Also, we have two weeks Ramadan Umrah packages, avail any of these and while away all your worries of managing flights, transfers and accommodation.

December Umrah Packages:

December is the busiest time of the year as it is a time when there are holidays going on in all over the United Kingdom and Muslims in UK prefer to avail this opportunity for their spiritual purification. It is recommended to book for December way in advance, especially if you are looking for something on a budget. Here we are providing customized December Umrah packages, nothing is fixed so if you want any plus or minus in your selected package, we will do it for you. Moreover, if you want Umrah guidance, it will be available on request. We can arrange the whole KIT for you.

Umrah Packages based on the Number of Pilgrims

Group Umrah Packages:

Group Umrah packages are beneficial in the sense that a group of friends can go together and sometimes it gets advantageous for solo travellers who are looking for company during this pristine journey. Our group Umrah packages are comparatively cheap and the time limit for group packages range from seven to ten days. Other than Easter and December holidays, group Umrah packages are also available during May and April. So what you are waiting for, first come first get.

Family Umrah Packages:

Our family Umrah packages are best for the Muslim families in the UK who plan for Makkah pilgrimage every year. We don't only arrange for their visas, but also for their accommodation. Your family will get guidance on arrival and departure, ground transportation to their booked hotel and the accommodation we arrange for our valuable clients also include breakfast.

Young Couple Umrah Packages

Young couple is another Umrah package that we design for our valued customers who are newly married. This package is usually designed keeping in view those who have minimum vacation time. Book our young couple Umrah package and you will get the best quality service. However, it would be appreciated to confirm your dates with your spouse before booking because changing it afterwards is not possible.

Senior Citizen Umrah Packages

This package is for senior citizens, so it comes with additional amenities like arranging a guide, wheelchair or anything they want to add in the list for their convenience.

Student Group Umrah Packages

Students who are going for Umrah pilgrimage in the form of a group can avail this package. Group members range from 25 to 30 accompanied by a teacher. It comes with three nights stay in Makkah and three nights stay in Madinah. Breakfast and dinner both included in this package, so if you are planning an Umrah with your class fellows, it would be the best opportunity to avail.

Umrah Packages Based on Budget

Economy Umrah Packages

Cheap Umrah Travels offers its economy Umrah packages for those who are keen to have this spiritual journey but also looking for the best deal to save their hard earned money. You can enjoy your Umrah on your own budget if you can be flexible with your dates. Also, it is a good option for those who have relatives in Saudi Arabia and are least bothered about accommodation.

Economy Ramadan Packages

To say, it is a sub category of economy Umrah packages, but Ramadan is the special Islamic month so it needs particular mention here. Usually the first ten or last ten days of Ramadan are expensive, so if you can be flexible with your dates, we can arrange an Umrah in the middle of Ramadan for you.

1 Day Umrah Packages

This Umrah package is for those who are stopping in Saudi Arabia during a journey, so they want to avail this opportunity for performing their religious rites. Though it is not expensive, but we don’t only focus on beating prices, but our major concern is the service quality which you will like the most.

Premium Umrah Packages

It is for those travellers who want to avail extravagant accommodation and luxurious transfers and high quality meals. Our premium Umrah packages cater all these comforts and amenities along with plenty of sightseeing options.

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